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1. Joining The New Templars is by way of formal application only through any reasonable communication channels and the applicant will be required to present to the Grand Templar and Senior Pastor his or her position as to why he or she wishes to become a member of The New Templars. To begin email:

2. If accepted by the Grand Templar and the Senior Pastor, the applicant is read all the

Canons of The New Templars and then Accepts The Pledge:

That I (Full Birth Name) of (Address) do hereby solemnly and sincerely swear that I enter into The New Templars of my own free will and accept all the Canons as True. 

I will live to the absolute best of my abilities according to ALL of the New Templar Canons and am bound by my word because my word is my bond and is more binding before God than any other thing.

As Almighty God is My Witness, I Will

(all together) & We Will 


3. On becoming a member of The New Templars the title of Knight of St Peter will be bestowed upon you and thereafter male member Knights will be styled as Sir and female member knights be styled as Lady, and may refer to each other as brother or sister.

4. The Knight of St Peter then must make a contribution to the The New Templars to seal the Oath dependant on each individuals specific situation and their free will and choosing.

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