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20220928-Prayer For Juliet Oldroyd

Updated: Aug 9, 2023

The following video is was a public prayer for Juliet Oldroyd on the 29th September for her bail application to be successful, she was released later that day.

Direct Video Link:

Note: Juliet Oldroyd was released on bail with draconian bail conditions but at least she was released after her successful bail application and is now with her family.


This is a true copy of text message sent to NT Police officer Rebecca Payne on Wednesday 10th of August at 10:45am

Good morning Rebecca. This is Juliet. I have been waiting on your call, but to no avail. Thankyou for confirming our already held belief that you and your colleague Rhys are not to be believed on your oath. You two made a contract with me yesterday, under oath during my Audio visual statutory declaration that your highest concern was the welfare of the child and that you would not subject this child to further abuse by putting her face on Facebook before coming back to me with an undertaking of providing a safe and neutral location for you to sight the child, even though I had given under that oath, the undertaking that I had been in constant contact with the mother since Sunday when I abducted her and the child from the Catholic Care visitation centre at Hidden valley road [Berrimah NT] and I spent the whole afternoon till next nightfall with the child and there was no residual effect of the assault perpetrated on her by her father the previous day, where he squeezed her so hard she threw up on him, which was witnessed by three Catholic care workers.

I do not recall if I stated to you in the stat Dec recording, or earlier when you were searching my garden for the child [whilst you were body cam recording] that those three workers also witnessed and heard the child disclosing what the father does to her. Has the father been arrested for the assault on the child and/or the assault on me which was...clearly witnessed by those same 3 workers and also recorded on their cctv, the same Cctv that you informed me you got my number plate from?

You also contracted with me that the older brother, in your asking me to disclose his name, would not be subjected to further trauma or risk, but I spoke to him last night and he has already been harassed by the police twice violating the sanctity of his home and wellbeing. I have repented of allowing your caution of me to tempt me into trying to protect myself to the detriment of others and I made good by going into Casuarina police station as soon as I saw the NTPFES Facebook page with the child and mothers face on it and said I took full responsibility for the abduction.

I [reiterate what I said to them, I] took advantage of the mothers vulnerable state of mind when I ordered her to "PUT GRACE INTO THE CAR AND GET IN" then I drove them away. The mother cannot drive. This was all me. I made a statement by video body cam yesterday stating all this [to two officers] at the Casuarina police station.

I remain, as I said then, ready to be arrested as I was fully responsible and liable for my actions and no one else is to blame for my actions. I stated that I would have done the same again as I could not in all conscience allow that child, knowing that I knew without a shadow of a doubt that the child was at risk of further harm. As it was Grace disclosed to her mother in the car in my hearing, after we left Catholic care, that her dad had sexually assaulted her in the last couple of weeks.

There is at this time, in the possession of the Minister for Police and Territory Families, a list of, I believe 28 persons, some of which are high profile persons including judges and lawyers that are all complicit in the abuse of this child and others. I now give you my solemn undertaking that I will not leave the custody of the police, nor will I eat or drink, until such time as all 28 of these people are arrested and all children in their care and control are removed and put into protective custody (and NOT with territory families representatives).

Unlike in Senator Heffernans time, I attest to you that there is no confidence in the judiciary in Australia and especially not in the Northern Territory, so there is no justification for these names to remain suppressed. IT IS IN THE BEST INTEREST OF THE SOULS OF THE NORTHERN TERRITORY FOR THESE PEOPLE, employed under service agreements, to care and protect the children of the NT, and who with full disclosure make an income from this, be brought to account.

The business of taking children such as Phoenix Hughes from one state (i.e. from the care of his mother, the most sacred nurturing state a child can be left in) and changing that state to another state (i.e. being putting under the care and control of the state) is clearly and unequivocally child trafficking.

I will be putting this text out to the media and I remain willing and ready to be arrested and taken into custody for the abduction of Grace Hughes and Laura Hinks. I go like a lamb to the slaughter but I am as calm as a summer's day. Whether I live or die it mattereth not. What matters is the systematic abuse and trafficking of the children, of not only the NT, but around the world is stopped and all those complicit in protecting these [heinous] perpetrators are brought swiftly to account and all at risk children put into positions of safety.

I remain in my current state AS I AM (a mother in Zion) as my actions are approved by and delegated to me by the GREAT I AM. I am of sound mind and remain pure in heart in wanting to protect all the children of the world from any further harm perpetrated on these innocent angels, so that they may commence the process of healing. I am watjambirra, Juliet-Marie Oldroyd, daughter of God.

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1 Comment

Unknown member
Oct 31, 2022

It was great to see you Sirs discussing the case with some people from “the freedom community” TAP, that sprang up during the covid scam.

I am in Wollongong and my own local TAP community reps here have seemingly given up on the challenge presented to them earlier this year, to rescue and protect a few of our very own state care children..

I have reached out to you good Sirs in the past, when I knew you from Luke’s Army, the well-known Facebook support group for parents of children stolen by The State…

I am encouraged by your initiative to spread the word amongst the freedom community, that the legal process is “infected”.

I look forward to the da…

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