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The Child Protection Racket

I am excited to announce the greatly anticipated release of "The Child Protection Racket" - High Level Child Trafficking In Australia by Dee McLachlan.

Foreword – by Pastor Paul Robert Burton

When Dee emailed me a first draft of her new book “The Child Protection Racket - High Level Child Trafficking In Australia” and asked if I would read it and consider providing her a foreword, I said “It would be an absolute honour”.

I downloaded the draft PDF onto my trusty iPad and began reading it whilst flying with my partner from Newcastle to Brisbane. As an interesting aside we were flying up to assist as support persons (or so I thought as I was later escorted by security from the building) for Russell Pridgeon, Patrick O’Dea and a grandmother whom I can’t name without risk of incarceration because her grandchild, who disclosed sexual abuse, was removed from her and returned to the alleged abuser.

Welcome to the Australian judicial system designed not to protect children, but to protect and enable the abusers of children.

Having developed significant speed reading skills from assisting around 150 parents over the last six and a half years in these places they call courts, all fighting for their children that had been removed by the various State and Territory Governments, I had already completed reading Part One “My Journey into Hell” before my Virgin economy flight had even left the ground.

My entire body was covered in goose bumps from head to toe. The more I read the more I thought to myself finally someone has refined, defined and created a true master piece exposing what happens when children become nothing more than “financial units” for a sick corrupt system, and why Australia now leads the world per capita for State and Federal Government Condoned Child Trafficking and Child Abuse.

This book uncovers the truth of a nation so far removed from “Australia The Lucky Country” that many may not want to believe what they are reading. This so called “Lucky Country” is still today, in 2023, engaged in a continued genocide of its indigenous population, and where racism abounds. This is a country where the child removal net has now grown much much wider and not only targets the indigenous but has now spread throughout our entire multicultural nation. And these child removal departments, by mid-2021, had in various capacities involved themselves in the lives of over 293,000 children nationally -- that’s around 5.2% of all of our children.

It comes as no surprise that Dee has a substantive history as an accomplished film director, producer, book writer and investigative journalist, who hails from Southern Africa, having experienced the horrors of the apartheid in her youth. She has historically directed films including The Second Jungle Book, Running Wild, Deadly Chase, and was nominated and won Best Film and Script at the 2007 Inside Film Awards for her critically acclaimed film The Jammed, a film exposing human trafficking and the sex trade in Melbourne.

Here again she applies that same dedication and forensic journalistic approach characteristic of her art, to guide the reader through this “kids for cash” system exposing all who profit from it and shining a bright light in the darkness of secret closed courts and the associated court suppression laws that hide it all from the eyes and ears of the general public.

That is, until recently…

Thanks to the work of an amazing group of people in whom I have the greatest respect, that includes the wonderful Dee McLachlan and others, that form part of a tireless, dedicated national alliance of passionate volunteers. A group of volunteers that often put their own lives at risk to expose to you, the general public, the shocking TRUTH of what is happening to thousands and thousands of families and their children right under your noses.

It’s the “Perfect Storm.” The Out of Home Care system profits (using of course the National Disability Insurance Scheme), the medical professionals profit, the courts profit, the lawyers profit, the court appointed psychologists profit, the jails profit, and the police and the government benefits as the multi-national corporations providing these products and services work with them to ensure the legislation protects them all from being exposed -- at the expense of these poor hapless families and their children.

I hope this book by shining the bright light of truth in the darkness of pure evil can in some small way assist to bring about the substantive change we all wish to see in the world, and I commend not just Dee for this book and her efforts, but all the true spiritual warriors everywhere on this planet (recognizing this is a global issue) working so tirelessly to bring about the undeniable positive change so desperately needed at this time.

After all … “it’s all about the children and we should look upon ALL children as we do our own children.”

Kindest Regards & God Bless

Pastor Paul

Book available here:

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