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The Satanic Art Of State Government Child Stealing

Updated: Aug 9, 2023

What kind of stinking filth forcibly removes a child from its mother often using armed police, without a warrant and nearly always based on hearsay innuendo and accusations without any real evidence other than testimonies from vindictive individuals and professionals paid by the department to say whatever they want ?

What kind of open court in an open justice system hides behind closed doors and condones these removals knowing the shocking outcomes of children in care and often knowing the parents are being railroaded, "gaslighted" and horrifically psychologically tortured ?

What kind of court operates on the balance of probabilities not beyond reasonable doubt, does not rely on the rules of evidence, and yet the parents stand accused by the department of shocking criminality in a civil jurisdiction ?

What kind of court uses suppression laws so that no parent can tell the public what is happening to them, a law that also in the alternative helps protect the child's new and very real perpetrators of abuse ?

What kind of alleged legal professionals support the department and the closed children's courts by disempowering the parents into believing they have to use them whilst at the same time condoning the departments actions, believing the departments lies, doing private deals together and ensuring the children are never returned and the department gets what they want, the continuation of a now multi billion dollar industry ?

What kind of alleged independent children's lawyers engaged and paid by the same people that pay the department always argues for the child and against the parents having their own child ?

What kind of alleged medical professionals and psychologists prepare reports for court who rarely have ever seen the child and write the outcomes they are also paid to create from the same financial trough as all the others and from the paperwork they are given by the department ?

What kind of out of home care providers, who get funded by the government, get to decide on wether a child's parents should have them back when they get paid to keep them but never to return them and often even present in court having never even seen the child ?

What kind of system does all of this without nearly everyone participating ( other than those who originally ripped the child) having ever even seen the child except the parents who of course are decimated as they have had no contact and they don't know where they are ?

Answer, welcome to the state condoned child abuse and child trafficking industry in Australia, right under your noses and in a court near you. A thriving multi billion dollar industry where all these industries profit from the immense suffering of innocent children and their decimated parents or caregivers. Lets not forget they also "screw" foster parents too.

If Jesus were born today ..............

The department would no doubt rip him from Mother Mary because after a humble home birth she laid him in a manger, there was no paperwork, no doctor to sign anything and the stinking filth child stealing department could then get all the payments and benefits to continue their child stealing industry by selling the baby Jesus (slavery) to an alleged christian charity group where his chances of being abused go through the roof, as nobody cares, its all kept secret, and they all do it for money, because it's their job................

They are child trafficking and child abusing slave traders.

Meanwhile many of the general public carry on ignoring the truth whilst worshipping Moloch, removing God from everything and engaging in lewd and lascivious, sick and depraved sexual activities.

And people wonder why the world is a mess ?

This is why The New Templars are here and why the caseworkers, the department, the police that stupidly believe them, the lawyers, the doctors, the psychologists, the out of home care providers, and the courts themselves and all the other people profiting from this diabolical evil demonic Moloch driven filth system, all tremble in fear when we appear.

We are here, Almighty God is with us, the change is now and let us pray for all of their poor lost wretched souls.

Amen xxx Pastor Paul

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There is a special place set aside in hell for them.


Paul, what an amazing article... and you have described the business of child removals (trafficking) so well. The entire business is predicated on secrecy -- concealing the facts from the public; from society; so that breaking the sacred bonds of motherhood can go unchecked in a demonic and sick society. Not a single leader will get involved. They have been told to stay away. A 20-something social worker is more powerful than the prime minister when it comes to the life of a child. And they will remove a child on lies an deceit. The experts in child abuse (psychological and torture) at alienation, at gas-lighting are the government department and the courts. At all costs keep your children from…

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